Telecom Technical Services

With our main focus on telecom equipment installation and commissioning,over 20 years experience on telecom projects , We have become

the leading engineering company in Canada. Our goal is to create maximum value for customer through our advanced network equipment and engineering for public or enterprise wireless coverage . Our experience has proved that our capability in network planning, design, equipment provision and turnkey project implementation puts us standing on the forefront of all Canada .

Installation & Commissioning

You can count on our professional installation and commissioning teams to assist with your network deployment, augmentation requirements. We can provide industry leading service levels, equipment installation, cabling, commissioning and integration.


Survey, Planning & Design

GSI networks engineering team consists of a group of highly qualified and experienced professionals who offer services like wireless site and system engineering work orders, MW system and equipment engineering, propagation analysis, cellular network coverage measurement, network augmentations, quality audits and as-built documentation.

Power System Construction

Reliable power is essential to maintaining service levels and avoiding unnecessary downtime. GSI can provide DC and AC power solutions including power system installations, rearrangements and removals.

E2E Project Management

Full TurnKey committment is our advantage out of Canada telecom engineering field . Strong integration capability, high executed power and billions dollars experienced project director will highly support excellent project implementation .